1. Why should I buy products from your website if I can buy the same products from your Amazon or eBay store?

A. We specialize in Lenovo products. We provide specialized filtering on our website for you to find the right product. Secondly, we offer a much larger number of Lenovo parts on our website than on our Amazon or eBay stores. In addition, you will enjoy around a 5% discount if you buy from our stores. Either way, you are also welcome to buy the same product from our Amazon or eBay store. 

2. Do you offer price match?

A. We will match the price of identical products from key online competitors (excludes clearance, open-box items. or special event sales).  Please contact us at to request a price match. We cannot offer any price match for already shipped items. We reserve the right to refuse price match under special circumstances.



 1. How do I cancel an order?

  A. We will always try to accommodate cancellation requests. However, an order already in process cannot be cancelled. Please contact us at ASAP in case you want to cancel an order.



 1. Will I need to sign for packages you ship to me?

A. Most of the packages shipped from us require a signature confirmation. Please make sure to have someone available to sign for packages



 1. Do Lenovo products come with international warranty coverage?

A. By default, Lenovo products do not come with international warranty. However, Lenovo charges a nominal fee for you to add international warranty coverage. Contact us at for details.


Free shipping

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